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Spring has Sprung..

Spring has sprung at last! As the fresh colours of nature brighten up the surroundings outdoors, now is also the ideal time to freshen up your living space, too, by adding some new shades and colours to the mix. Some fantastic new furniture collections have just arrived in store at Rooms, and they are just the ticket for anyone looking to add some spring brightness to their home.

A spring theme we love at the moment, and one which uses colours to great effect, is the urban jungle’ concept,” says Rooms’ Joe Foster. “It’s all about vibrant shades of green, bold animal prints and tropical patterns to create a truly fresh and vibrant look for your home.” The urban jungle theme fits in perfectly with the Bridgett sofa collection – a fresh take on the classic sofa shape. The natural feel is enhanced by the sofa’s green hues and the abstract botanical patterns of the scatter cushions. “It’s a real statement piece for a room,” says Joe. “Mix it with the array of tropical accessories in our store and there’s everything you need to create an urban jungle of your own!”

Rooms, have also introduced a wide range of reclaimed furniture, a great design trend tipped to be ‘red hot’ for 2017. “We love reclaimed so much, as you get different characteristics in the wood,” says Joe. “That means each piece of furniture has real authenticity, the colourings and markings are unique, so you really can say that your piece is like no-one else’s.”

Reclaimed furniture is eco-friendly, too: no trees felled, no materials travelling thousands of miles from source to factory, so it’s a whole lot more than just a matter of good looks.

Perhaps the favourite reclaimed range currently in store at Rooms is Little Tree Furniture, made in India from old fishing boat timber, doors and various other reused hardwoods which can be up to a century old. “These pieces of timber still have their original colours and markings,” explains Joe. “It gives a lovely natural wear-and-tear feel to the furniture into which they’re incorporated. Each piece is completely hand made, too, which we love.” Little Tree is not the only reclaimed furniture range at Rooms; there are many dining and bedroom furniture collections throughout the store.

You can also add a splash of spring colour in the bedroom with upholstered headboards, which are becoming a more and more popular focal point of the room. They provide colour, texture and a real ‘wow’ factor – and Rooms have some stunning examples from the Hypnos range now in stock.

Call in soon for a wide world of colour!

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